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TBH Toolbox365

The TBH Toolbox365 program gives you new, novel ways to think better and improve well-being. Just roll the dice, pick a card, and start training.

Choose a card. Workout. Have fun. Repeat!

How it works

TBH TOOLBOX365 offers robust, total brain workouts you can do at home in just a few minutes each day. Train together with a care partner, family, friend or on your own.

Pick a card

Roll the dice to choose your daily brain-boosting workout card.

Work together

Work together on a new cognitive challenge each day.

Keep training

Keep training with your favorite workouts. Repeat as often as you’d like!

  • I spoke with both our Caregiver and her client’s daughter the other day and they both mentioned the continued joy everyone is getting from using the Toolbox365. …They are beyond happy with the toolbox and extremely appreciative and grateful to have it. YAY!

    Home Care Franchise Owner
  • Very excited to try it with my mother over breakfast before caregiver’s shift.

    MG – Family member, verified buyer
  • I consider myself just a regular 61 year old, invested in maintaining my brain health. I don’t do crossword puzzles or Sudoku… so when I heard about the TBH Toolbox, I thought to myself, this would be the kind of thing I could do on my own… or for a kick with friends… as an investment in myself, my health and wellness. It’s not just for people with demonstrated memory issues. It is for regular folks like me, who simply care about overall brain health and are interested in engaging ways to be proactive.

    Risa, verified buyer
  • Love this activity box both for me and my mother. It’s great exercises for me and my mom and we can do it together. Well thought out, designed and executed. And it’s fun too.

    Lisa, verified buyer
  • Heard about this terrific resource from a senior resident as a great way for my mom to rev up her brain, stimulate thinking, jog memories, laugh, play, escape boredom AND connect with me, my kids and the other residents…Excited about this purchase!”

    Anne, verified buyer
  • As an Activity Director in a community that has residents of all cognitive levels, I found the TBH Toolbox365 to be very engaging for everyone. It is easy to use, you just pull out a card and go with it! It works for long activities or if you need a quick filler…It a wonderful resource to have on hand!

    Mary, Life Engagement Coordinator
  • Hey ladies, Just want to say THANK YOU for this amazing speech tool! I have used it now with 2 patients who LOVE it. Both of these ladies are extremely hard to work with similar cognitive issues and to see them open up and complete these tasks without hesitation is AMAZING! One was reminiscing about blueberry picking as a child and got emotional in our session thanking me for “taking her back.” 2 days later she is still talking about this “game”.

    Laura C., Program Director, Rehab services
  • The box arrived this morning. Wow! Where do I start? The box itself seems very warm and inviting. I was truly excited to open it. I spent a good part of my morning reviewing each card and activity. I love the fact that most of the cards have such simple tasks that can be made more difficult when wanting to push/encourage someone a little more and can either be done quickly or you can decide to spend more time on them. I have tried a few myself as I read through them. Even the cards that may be geared towards individuality leave room to be done with two or more. Where sometimes “less is more”, the simplicity (of many cards) in this case, gives you so much. I love the incorporation of mind and body (physicality) in the “Social” group of cards too.

    Steve S., home health franchise owner
  • I received our TBH toolbox today! We are loving it! I’m planning on teaching our higher functioning residents how to lead these activities for our lower functioning residents. Today, I tested it out with two of our residents who are unable to participate in our average activities. They stayed engaged for an hour!

    Community lifestyle director

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Compare brain wellness programs

Product Topic Audience Feature
TBH Toolbox TBH TOOLBOX365 Brain Wellness For You and Yours
  • 100 repeatable workout cards for meaningful brain engagement
  • Dice and a timer challenge players against the clock
  • Spans body, mind, spirit, social pillars of wellness
  • Train on your own or together with others
  • A one-time purchase
TBH BRAIN WORKOUT 1.0 Program Brain Wellness For Communities
  • Small group program with brain wellness workouts
  • Level 1.0 & 2.0 available
  • Worksheets, multimedia links, and printable resources
TBH BRAIN WORKOUT 2.0 Program Brain Wellness For Communities
  • Leveled up small group program with brain wellness workouts
  • Level 1.0 & 2.0 available
  • Worksheets, multimedia links, and printable resources
TBH Brain Plays TBH BRAIN PLAYS Program Brain Wellness For Communities
  • Small group program
  • 100 express 15-minute cognitive training workouts
  • Homework handouts
Total Brain Health Fair TBH FAIR Program Brain Wellness For Communities
  • 16 brain health booth concepts
  • Intergenerational activity
  • Large-scale event
  • Marketing and sales opportunities
TBH365 Challenge Program Brain Wellness For Communities
  • Hybrid small group and personal-use program
  • 20 TBH Toolbox365 boxes
  • Monthly personalized challenge calendars
  • Trainer-led meetup manual
Total Brain Health Toolkits Flex 1.0 TBH FLEX 1.0 Program Brain Wellness For Dementia Care
  • Small group program
  • For those with early memory loss
  • Cognitive stimulation workouts
  • Wellness-based
  • Adaptations for acuity
  • Multimedia links
  • Printable resources
TBH CARE 1.0 Program Brain Wellness For Dementia Care
  • Small group program
  • For those with moderate memory loss
  • Cognitive stimulation workouts
  • Multi-sensory
  • Adaptations for acuity and personalization
  • Multimedia links
  • Printable resources

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