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100 express 15-minute TBH Brain Play workouts from across the TBH courses. Includes take-home worksheets.

The TBH Brain Plays target cognitive skills such as attention, speedy, nimble thinking, and memory with a series of fast-paced anytime training workouts for groups.

What’s included

Everything you need to build better brain health.

100 express workouts

Step-by-step fast-paced repeatable group brain workouts that boost cognitive fitness.

Science-backed program

Programs that are expert-developed, drawing on years of research, and grounded in the principles of science.

Skills training focus

Activities that target thinking skills to help individuals process information better and solve problems more effectively.

  • In our Total Brain Health class today, we did the ‘Our Brains are Great’ lesson. We laughed until we cried! What fun it was to combine reminiscing with a brain game. Some of my favorites: “You could get a burger, fries and shake for 43 cents.” “I didn’t have the sense to take my friend’s address, so I got lost in NYC.” “If you ever go to Brooklyn, take me, I know the Subways…from memory!”

    Mary F., Resident Experience Coordinator
  • We had 26 residents attend our first Total Brain Health class at our Holiday Retirement community! Every resident, regardless of cognitive level, stayed engaged! Today’s lesson was ‘Make New Friends’ and I was SO excited that two residents, who have both lived here for years – connected for the first time and said they were going to start attending activities together!

    TBH Trainer
  • It’s great to be able to offer people an opportunity to be proactive about their brain health. And, I’m learning a lot about my own brain health too.

    N. Duhaime, Kendal at Hanover
  • This was one of my favorite program formats to teach, the activities were great, and kept participants engaged.

    C. Cook, Galloway Ridge
  • Total Brain Health was a good use of my time.

    Class member
  • Great idea for seniors.

    Class member
  • Fun and helpful!

    Class member

How it works

Train skills

Research shows that training cognitive abilities can help maintain and improve thinking skills. Each Brain Play targets multiple areas of cognition.

Practice anytime

Each small group Brain Play is accompanied by a printable worksheet students can use to continue training on their own.

Use anywhere

TBH Brain Plays are perfect for:

FITNESS Add-on brain boosters to an exercise class

MEETINGS Icebreakers to wake up the neurons

SOCIAL HOUR Kickoff activities to get everyone connected and engaged

HALLWAY Afternoon “brain snacks” for sharper thinking from the comfort of home

Work against the clock

Add challenge and speed up processing skills by setting a timer and working against the clock.

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100 express 15-minute TBH workouts from across the TBH courses

TBH Brain Plays

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