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Learning for Dementia Care

Help those living with dementia thrive with cognitive stimulation programs that boost confidence and connection.

Our dementia care focus

Living with early memory loss

Empower those facing mild memory challenge with targeted cognitive stimulation workouts, opportunities to boost wellbeing, and support for continued socialization.

Living with moderate memory loss

Boost daily engagement with cognitive stimulation training highlighting creative, multi-sensory workouts that adapt to meet everyone’s unique needs.

Community programs for early memory loss

Help all minds think better with group training that stimulates the mind.

Community programs for moderate memory loss

Support meaningful engagement with group training that fosters social interactions, builds connections, and boosts confidence.

For you and yours

Train at all levels of cognition with workouts across body, mind and spirit for sharper thinking, cognitive nimbleness and vitality.

Brain training benefits for dementia care

Boost social wellness

Participation in brain training sessions together can boost social connections, and help reduce feelings of isolation and loneliness.

Enhance thinking skills

By working across the body, mind, spirit and social pillars of wellness, TBH programs help to activate the skills needed for continued self-care.

Improve quality of life

Brain training exercises can stimulate thinking and boost self-confidence to enhance overall quality of life for people living with memory loss.

What’s included

Everything you need to engage minds in meaningful exercises

Social-based brain training

Activate minds with group and one-to-one social-based multi sensory workouts adaptable to preferences.

Experiential workouts

Target thinking skills with hands-on workouts. Train together in a group, or with a care partner to level up value.

Person-centered care

Enhance personalization and increase engagement with a diverse range of workouts catering to all interests.

Compare our dementia care programs

Empower community members with group programs for everyone

Product Topic Audience Feature
Total Brain Health Toolkits Flex 1.0 TBH FLEX 1.0 Program Brain Wellness For Communities
  • Cognitive stimulation workouts for mild cognitive impairment
  • Wellness-based
  • Adaptations for acuity
  • Multimedia, printable resources
TBH CARE 1.0 Program Brain Wellness For Communities
  • Cognitive stimulation workouts for moderate cognitive impairment
  • Multi-sensory
  • Adaptations for acuity
  • Multimedia, printable resources
TBH Toolbox TBH TOOLBOX365 Brain Wellness For You and Yours
  • 100 repeatable workout cards for meaningful brain engagement
  • Dice and a timer challenge players against the clock
  • Spans body, mind, spirit, social pillars of wellness
  • Train on your own or together with others

Let’s get started!

Brain training that works.

Learning for Groups

Everything you need to train healthier brains, together.

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Learning for Dementia Care

Help minds thrive for better thinking and well-being.

Learning for You and Yours

Because sometimes we just want to train on our own.