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TBH brain training programs provide fun, hands-on social experiences that enhance cognition and improve memory for active aging.

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Our History

Our journey began in 2015, ignited by a simple observation – current brain training programs lacked a whole person approach. 

Fueled by this realization, we set out to revolutionize the marketplace with training that empowered adults with the knowledge on how to improve lifestyles to boost thinking skills, and rev up recall.

We warmly welcome you to join us on the path to enhanced cognitive well-being for everyone. Together, we can pave the way for a brighter, healthier, more connected future, where all minds thrive.

Our Story

Over the years, we have amassed decades of research that firmly establishes the link between long-term brain vitality and function and comprehensive engagement across the physical, intellectual, and socio-economic aspects of well-being.

Drawing inspiration from this wealth of evidence, TBH programs are thoughtfully crafted on a blueprint of body, mind, and spirit engagement, ensuring Total Brain Health for our participants. 

We build upon this foundation with workouts that boost neuroplasticity and train thinking abilities.  Our programs target skills such as verbal and visual acuity, executive control, problem solving, attention, focus and perception for optimal aging. 

Our Leadership

Dr. Green is a nationally recognized memory fitness and brain health expert, with a distinguished tenure on the faculty of Mount Sinai School of Medicine since 1990. 

She is the author and contributor of six influential books on memory and brain health, including: “Total Memory Workout: 8 Easy Steps to Maximum Memory Fitness;” “Your Best Brain Ever;” “Brainpower Game Plan” (Written in collaboration with the editors of Prevention magazine)); “30 Days to Total Brain Health”; “Through the Seasons: An Activity Book for Memory Challenged Adults and their Caregivers “(co-authored with Joam Beloff); and “National Geographic’s Complete Guide To Brain Health.” 

Dr. Green’s impactful work has earned frequent media features. For more information, visit

With over 20+ years in direct marketing and entrepreneurship, Melissa Engel is a seasoned innovator and operator, offering dynamic strategic direction across diverse business models. Her expertise spans media buying, brand management, marketing, sales and strategic operations. 

Melissa’s entrepreneurial journey includes spearheading the launch of a franchised food start-up, forging strategic partnerships with a world-renowned music publishing business, establishing a thriving residential interior design firm, and developing programs for life enrichment in the senior living and longevity market.

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Total Brain Health is dedicated to empowering adults 50+ with scientifically grounded brain fitness educational programs. Established in 2015, we deliver powerful interventions tied to the science and founded on a body, mind, spirit, and social approach for healthy aging and improved cognition.

We offer comprehensive cognitive wellness solutions tailored to individual and group needs, spanning the entire cognitive spectrum and aligning with personal preferences. Our online programs are designed to foster in-person interactions to enhance social connections and exercise cognitive abilities that may decline with age. Our primary emphasis is on holistic well-being, complemented by skills development, resulting in truly transformative programs.

Selecting the right program is dependent on your community profile and wellness goals. For help selecting the perfect group program, please contact us at for a private consultation with one of our TBH experts.

Toolkits include the TBH course as well as everything else needed to run the program, such as class games, worksheets and handouts.  You will also find promotional materials, including a video to share on digital signage, a community presentation, and suggested copy for outreach.

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