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Why Total Brain Health

Dedicated to helping all minds thrive, Total Brain Health empowers adults 50+ with scientifically grounded brain fitness programs. Established in 2015, we deliver powerful interventions for cognitive training, social connection, and healthy aging for small group and individual use.

TBH Toolkits are wellness-based brain training courses for groups. As a TBH licensee, you get everything you need to lead engaging, interactive classes that teach community members the many ways they can stay sharp, remember better and improve their long-term cognitive vitality. 

Toolkits include the TBH course as well as everything else needed to run the program, such as class games, worksheets and handouts.  You will also find promotional materials, including a video to share on digital signage, a community presentation, and suggested copy for outreach.

TBH programs are designed for individuals and groups, and vary based on level of cognitive ability. We offer group programs — TBH TOOLKITS – for community settings and ‘personal’ programs — TBH TOOLBOX365 and TBH BUILD MY MEMORY – for at-home use.