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Training brains, changing lives.

Science-based programs for cognitive wellness

Learning for Communities

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Everything you need to train healthier brains, together.

Learning for Dementia

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Help minds thrive for better thinking and well-being.

Learning for You and Yours

Because sometimes we just want to train on our own.

Build better brain power.

“Each of us has the power to ignite sharper thinking! The research proves it. By stretching minds, embracing a healthy lifestyle, and empowering mental well-being, we can support optimum cognition at every stage.”

Dr. Cynthia R. Green, TBH Founder and President 

Backed by science.

Guided by the latest advances in brain health research, our training solutions help sharpen thinking, rev up recall, and boost wellness – whether in a group or on your own.

Our Focus

Brain Wellness

Empower everyone with “how to” interventions across body, mind and spirit to enhance thinking skills, improve cognitive vitality, and promote overall well-being.

Memory Improvement

Fight forgetfulness with practical, powerful memory strategies proven to rev up recall for names, conversations, and more.

Emotional Well-Being

Delve deep into the spiritual health issues common at life’s third stage and foster greater resilience, purpose, and legacy.

Living with Memory Loss

Help all minds thrive with training that stimulates thinking, fosters social skills, builds connection, and boosts confidence.

Trusted by the world’s best companies

Sunrise Senior Living
American House Senior Living Communities
Grace Management Inc
Westminster Communities of Florida
SRG Senior Resource Group
Oakmont Senior Living
Carroll Lutheran Village
Acts, Where Loving-kindness lives
Home Instead
Bridge Senior Living
Bergan County New Jersey
Kisco Senior Living
Com For Care Homecare
Strive Senior Living
Watermark Retirement Communities
Lifespace Communities
Moorings Park Communities
Providence Community Health Napa Valley
  • Stacey Judge

    Stacey Judge, Community Wellness Program Director at Springpoint Senior Living, shares the many ways that Total Brain Health programs serves her communities.

  • Ori Martin, Fitness Director, Acts Retirement-Life

    Oris Martin, Fitness Director, Acts Retirement-Life shares the importance of the TBH methodology of whole person wellness for improved brain health.

  • a woman with a sweater on

    Heard about this terrific resource as a great way for my mom to rev up her brain, stimulate thinking, jog memories, laugh, AND play…Excited about this!” – Anne

  • Amanda Oberg, LivWell Program Manager, Affordable Housing, Springpoint Senior Living tells us why the Total Brain Health programs bring smiles to her residents.

  • It’s amazing to see so many people trying new things, and sharing new experiences—not only are they building new relationships and skills, but they’re building new memories. – A Harder

  • Acts Retirement-Life hosts the Total Brain Health competitive games at their regional OlympiActs events for the gold.

  • See how this family learned something special about their grandmother while doing a workout from the TBH Toolbox365.

  • Total Brain Health is always our most popular program, and no wonder! Thank you for making it so easy to deliver meaningful, engaging cognitive training – and for making it such fun!

    TBH Trainer
  • It was great seeing our residents attempting activities that they never tried before in such a fun setting. There were so many positive comments about the day.

    TBH Trainer, Heath Village
  • The program materials are thorough and user-friendly. Everything you need is laid out step by step, along with the information to support it. There’s no guesswork.

    TBH Trainer
  • When we first offered TBH, we were overwhelmed by the number of people who wanted to participate. To keep the momentum going, we make the program consistently available.

    TBH Trainer
  • I enjoyed doing this program with the resident. She seems to like visuals and movement the most. The visuals bring about a lot of stories and seeming the resident’s face light up while telling her stories make everything worth it.

    TBH Trainer

Let’s get started!

Brain training that works.

Learning for Communities

Everything you need to train healthier brains, together.

an elderly person smiling

Learning for Dementia Care

Help minds thrive for better thinking and well-being.

Learning for You and Yours

Because sometimes we just want to train on our own.