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Living with Memory Loss

Engage with ‘hands-on’ multi-sensory workouts to foster thinking skills, connection, confidence and reduce social isolation.

Our methodology

Wellness Focused

Grounded in cutting-edge science, we promote whole person wellness for improved brain health and vital living in all our programs.


We embed our proprietary ‘Social-Based Brain Training’ in each of our workouts to supercharge processing skills and build stronger connections.


Incorporated into all we offer are high energy, hands-on, and fun learning activities, because we all learn better from doing.

For communities

Small group cognitive wellness programs.

What’s included

Everything you need to build better brain health.

Happy fashionable senior friends having fun celebrating with balloons and throwing confetti in the city

24+ classes per group program

Step-by-step scripted classes with repeatable group-based brain workouts that boost cognitive fitness.

A doctor holds up a MRI to glance at it before seeing his patient

Science-backed workouts

Expert developed and developed from years of research, TBH programs are grounded in the science.

Portrait of a senior man holding the medal on the soccer field

Skills training

Target thinking skills with hands-on workouts that help individuals process information better and solve problems more effectively.

For you and yours

Learn on your own or together with a loved one, friend, or care provider.

Compare group products

Empower community members with brain wellness and memory training

Product Topic / Category Audience Feature
TBH Toolbox TBH TOOLBOX365 Brain Wellness For You and Yours + For Communities
  • 100 repeatable workout cards for meaningful brain engagement
  • Dice and a timer challenge players against the clock
  • Spans body, mind, spirit, social pillars of wellness
  • Train on your own or together with others
Total Brain Health Toolkits Flex 1.0 TBH FLEX 1.0 Program Brain Wellness For Communities
  • Cognitive stimulation workouts
  • Wellness-based
  • Adaptations for acuity
  • Multimedia, printable resources
TBH CARE 1.0 Program Brain Wellness For Communities
  • Cognitive stimulation workouts
  • Multi-sensory
  • Adaptations for acuity
  • Personalization
  • Multimedia, printable resources

Let’s get started!

Brain training that works.

Learning for Communities

Everything you need to train healthier brains, together.

an elderly person smiling

Learning for Dementia Care

Help minds thrive for better thinking and well-being.

Learning for You and Yours

Because sometimes we just want to train on our own.