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Total Brain Health Fair

TBH FAIR Program

A step-by-step planning guide to hosting a successful brain health fair.

TBH Fair offers a comprehensive planning guide to a lively, interactive community event focused on brain-healthy living.

What’s included

Everything you need to host a health fair with a brain-healthy twist.

16 Brain Health Stations

At the heart of the TBH Fair are innovative, interactive stations, featuring ways to get brain healthy.

A Step-by-Step Planning Guide

A detailed planning guide for a lively community event includes planning sheets, promotional materials and science explanations.

Worksheets and Handouts

Worksheets guide you through the implementation for a guaranteed smooth rollout. Handouts compliment the fair stations.

  • “It’s amazing to see so many people trying new things, and sharing new
    experiences—not only are they building new relationships and skills, but
    they’re building new memories”

    A Harder, TBH FAIR Instructor
  • The brain health fair…is a great program. It provides the older adult with the knowledge and tools to seek out ways to strengthen and keep the brain healthy.

    J. Beloff, Director Community Outreach, Chilton Medical Center
  • It’s great to be able to offer people an opportunity to be proactive about their brain health. And, I’m learning a lot about my own brain health too.

    N. Duhaime, Kendal at Hanover
  • Total Brain Health was a good use of my time.

    Class member
  • Great idea for seniors.

    Class member
  • Fun and helpful!

    Class member

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