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TBH365 Challenge

The TBH365 Challenge program provides a way to build better brain power on one’s own and together with a group.

Our methodology

Wellness Focused

Grounded in cutting-edge science, we promote whole person wellness for improved brain health and vital living in all our programs.


Embedded in all TBH programs is our proprietary ‘social-based brain training’ to supercharge thinking and build stronger connections.


High energy, hands-on, and fun learning activities are incorporated in all we do, because we all learn better from doing.

“A gold-standard clinical trial provides evidence that diet, exercise and an active social life can help prevent cognitive decline.”

Scientific American, April 2017 FINGER STUDY

How it works

Annual Subscription

TBH group programs are licensed on an annual basis and include repeatable classes, worksheets, games, music, and videos — all delivered in a tablet-friendly format.

Location Based

Our program licenses are site-based with unlimited access throughout your setting to all course materials.

Corporate discounts provided for companies with 10+ locations.

Corporate Care

Learn best practices with TBH’s self-paced video training and certificate package.

On-going live education, and phone/email support means you’re always your best.

Year Round Workouts

Evergreen, interactive group experiences keeps group classes on your calendar throughout the year.

What’s included

Everything you need to build better brain health.

20 Toolbox365 Boxes

Participants complete their daily workouts using their personal TBH TOOLBOX365, a game-based approach for hands-on brain workouts.

Total Brain Health

Monthly Trainer Materials

Group meetings teach the science, work out thinking skills, and give everyone the chance to connect and kick off new challenges.

Personal Tracking Calendars

Everyone challenges themselves to earn points using the TBH365 Challenge Calendars.

Start now

Compare brain wellness programs

Product Topic Audience Feature
TBH365 Challenge Program Brain Wellness For Communities
  • Hybrid small group and personal-use program
  • 20 TBH Toolbox365 boxes with
  • Monthly personalized challenge calendars
  • Trainer-led meetup manual
TBH BRAIN WORKOUT 1.0 Program Brain Wellness For Communities
  • Small group program with brain wellness workouts
  • Level 1.0 & 2.0 available
  • Worksheets, multimedia links, and printable resources
TBH BRAIN WORKOUT 2.0 Program Brain Wellness For Communities
  • Leveled up small group program with brain wellness workouts
  • Level 1.0 & 2.0 available
  • Worksheets, multimedia links, and printable resources
TBH Brain Plays TBH BRAIN PLAYS Program Brain Wellness For Communities
  • Small group program
  • 100 express 15-minute cognitive training workouts
  • Homework handouts
Total Brain Health Fair TBH FAIR Program Brain Wellness For Communities
  • 16 brain health booth concepts
  • Intergenerational activity
  • Large-scale event
  • Marketing and sales opportunities

Let’s get started!

Brain training that works.

Learning for Communities

Everything you need to train healthier brains, together.

an elderly person smiling

Learning for Dementia Care

Help minds thrive for better thinking and well-being.

Learning for You and Yours

Because sometimes we just want to train on our own.