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Total Brain Health Memory 2.0

TBH MEMORY 2.0 Program

“Next Level” training with advance mnemonic strategies to rev up recall.

The TBH MEMORY 2.0 small group program teaches students how memory works, along with higher level strategies for improving information retention.

What’s included

Everything you need to build better brain health.

24+ classes per group program

Step-by-step scripted classes with repeatable memory improvement workouts that boost recall.

Science-backed workouts

Programs that are expert-developed, drawing on years of research, and grounded in the principles of science.

Skills training focus

Activities that target thinking skills to help individuals build focus and attention for a more effective memory.

  • After class, the buzz is so great I have set up a new class for September and will be taking registrations soon. Thanks to TBH and the great materials. You are making me look brilliant LOL

    C. Thompson, Fridley Senior Program MN
  • Our residents LOVE this program and find it very helpful!

    R. Leatherow, Fitness Director, Acts Retirement-Life Communities
  • We learned some very useful strategies and had a LOT of fun.  We
    definitely accomplished our goal of CONNECTING.

    S, Sampson, The Forest at Duke
  • After practicing several of the techniques … I see not only a calming effect, but measurable memory improvement. People are now commenting on my great memory and I am apologizing less.

    Michele B., Director Community Relations, Senior Living
  • Dr. Green’s very popular and empowering programs reassured and validated residents, negating their fears and concerns about impending memory loss.

    Risa L., Executive Director Senior Living
  • Everybody should take the course!

    Class member
  • This class makes me feel happy. Plus its a comfort to know others share the
    same or similar issues.

    Class member
  • I really enjoyed this class. I find I am actively using several of the memory
    techniques to recall names.

    Class member
  • A very worthwhile course. Group and partner activities were engaging.

    Class member

How it works

Teach memory techniques

Teach students higher level visual and verbal association techniques to better remember names, places, stories, and lists.

Get creative

Stimulate cognitive agility using novel, “out-of-the-box” memory techniques such as SING, FLA and Kinetic Learning.

Get social

Supercharge thinking with joyful, social-based group classes that engage the mind, and reduce social isolation.

Work against the clock

Challenge brains to speed think by actively working against the clock.

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“Next Level” training with advance mnemonic strategies to rev up recall.

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Brain training that works.

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