Welcome to the TBH Toolkits Trainer Certificate Examination


Welcome to the final step in the TBH Toolkits Trainer Education Series. If you feel you are familiar with the material from the TBH Toolkits Trainer Educational videos, it’s time to go ahead and take the TBH Toolkits Trainer Certificate Examination.

There are 60 questions in this final assessment that cover the full range of topics reviewed in the video series. Pass with a score of 85 or above and receive your TBH Toolkits Trainer Certificate to download and proudly display in your office or online on your professional LinkedIn. It’s a great way to share an important professional accomplishment!  

If you find, however, that there are some topics that you would like to review further, go back anytime to the videos to re-watch them. Then, return here to re-take the final certificate exam. 

We’re excited to offer you a TBH Toolkits Trainer Certificate! If you have any questions, please email us at info@totalbrainhealth.com.

The Team at Total Brain Health