TBH Quiet the Mind Series | Take a Walk Outside

a person walking their dog by a lake

For many of us isolating at home, taking a walk in nature can be a wonderful balm, and one that is not only permitted but encouraged by many authorities (as long as you maintain social distance).

What you may not know is that taking a walk in nature is a great brain booster, in many ways. A Stanford University found that individuals who regularly took walks in the woods had sharper attention and reported higher levels of happiness. Other research has shown the benefit of regular nature walks to physical factors linked to better brain fitness, such as lowered blood pressure and weight maintenance. Finally, meeting family or friends outside for a walk, hike or bike ride is a safe way to spend time and connect, as long as you maintain 6 feet of social distance from others.

Our suggestion?

– Try each day to get outside at least once. If you can take a long walk or hike in nature, it’s a terrific break for your body and mind. Or, go for a walk around the block.

– Spend some time sitting out in the yard or on a porch.

– As spring “springs” all around us, take the time to pause and notice the daily changes of the season. Try to focus on certain sensory experiences each time you are out, such as the sights of spring, or the sounds that you hear as you walk.

– Finally, for those who cannot get out, try watching shows about nature that bring you there virtually.

And for those of you who want to know more, here’s an article from the New York Times with more about how nature changes the brain.

Wishing good health to all –

The Team at Total Brain Health

CLICK HERE to read “How Walking in Nature Changes the Brain” published by The New York Times