TBH Quiet the Mind | Silver Linings

Silver linings document

Today’s activity is an opportunity to reframe our thinking and learn to find the positive in a situation. Research shows that when we shift our perspective, we can improve our mood, creating more positivity and happiness.

The Silver Linings workout, found in our TBH Toolbox365 program is a great way to practice reframing your approach and train yourself to look for the good, even if unexpected, that might come out of difficult situations. Feel free to share your responses at info@totalbrainhealth.com!



Research shows we can change how happy we feel just by making a conscious effort to see thing in a more positive light.

Build Your Brain!

Practice building happiness. For example, what could be the “silver lining” in these scenarios?

  • Your favorite dish isn’t on the menu
  • You’ve lost your place in your book.
  • A friend’s visit is canceled due to bad weather.
  • A special shirt is ruined in the wash.

What other mishaps can you find the “silver linings” in?