TBH Quiet the Mind Series | Tension Tamer Hand Washing Meditation

a person washing their hands in a kitchen sink

Frequent hand washing is now part of our routine. Why not use it to bring a moment (20 seconds, at least!) of calm and quiet to our day? We love master yoga trainer and author Jillian Pransky’s series on hand washing meditations, offering simple, accessible ways we can bring a bit of mindfulness to our lives whenever we wash our hands. — Here is one called “tension tamer.” If you like it, be sure to see the others on Jillian’s FB page, Jillian Pransky Yoga. Jillian Pransky Yoga

Tension Tamer – Hand Washing Meditation #3

Most of us our pretty much home now… of course this can be an opportunity to spend time doing nourishing things with family and people you love… but…. so can a ThanksGiving Dinner Gathering …. You know what I mean….
Obviously, we will have many opportunities to absorb and hold onto excess stress and tension at this time.
But we also have many opportunities to release tension – like on every breath.
We can make a regular practice of releasing our tension over and over again all day long. It’s a game of catch and release.
And we can definitely do it every time we wash our hands. I mean – how many times have you said, “I wish I had time to develop a meditation or relaxation practice.” You got it now! .

Join me for this “Squeeze and Release” Hand Washing Relaxation several times today. It’s simple. Do it gently.
And may you savor the moment, where all you have to do is wash your hands.
(And Join me for A 5-minute Full Body Relaxation with link below.)
To begin, feel your feet on the ground and drop your shoulders.

Notice your breath as you wet your hands and then apply your soap.
• As you inhale – allow your breath to come in through nose – shrug your shoulders to your ears. Pause and gently hold your breath for just a moment.
• Allow your exhale to leave out through your mouth (maybe make the sound of Ah) as you release your shoulders completely. Drop them. Let them go, like you just put down something heavy you were carrying for a long while.
• Repeat at least 2 more times (for the minimum wash time recommendation) – or add a couple more. In fact, if you wish, you can do this for a minute or two to feel a deeper sense of calm. .

Remember A little + often = a lot! Each time you wash your hands will add up to a lot of mindfulness practice.
ENJOY This 5-minute Full Body Guided Tension Release Relaxation. Just copy this link. — https://vimeo.com/203241336
May you feel at ease and a little more spacious. We are always spreading something…. Each time we pause and calm ourselves, it’s not only good for us, it’s good for everyone we come into contact with.