TBH Quiet the Mind Series | Take Time to Laugh

a man wearing sunglasses laughing

It’s April 1st, traditionally known as “April Fools Day.” While the unofficial prankster holiday dates back to the Middle Ages, this may be a year where many of us are just not in the mood to pull pranks.

What about using today to find some ways to laugh? Laughter is great medicine! It has been found to boost endorphins, our “feel good” hormones, and also can help us feel more connected to others by activating our “mirror” neurons. Finally, often comedy provides a cognitive challenge, as we need to use our thinking skills to “get” the joke.

So take time to laugh (even if its not April 1st!) – Watch or listen to a favorite comedian, or tune into a lighthearted comedy show or movie. And let your laughter lift your spirits and soul!