TBH Quiet the Mind Series | Get Organized

Get organized! Remember better

As we approach another work week, many of us are figuring out a new “normal.” Yet it can be hard to regain focus and purpose when we may still feel unsettled.

Today’s tip? Try getting organized. Whether it’s setting a routine, decluttering a space, or planning your week ahead, order establishes a sense of control and calm. In addition, folks who are organized remember better. Try starting with:

– Working from home? Reorganize your workspace to suit your current needs. Even if you had a work area before, it may have been set up for more personal that professional use.

– Establish a new routine. No doubt your schedule has changed, even if you are still going to work. The gym is closed, you can’t get lunch from your favorite place. Take time to find your new routine. The predictability will not only feel organizing, but will be calming as well.

– Set up a chore list. Figure out what needs to get done this week. We might all be cleaning more than usual. My adults kids are home, so there is a lot more laundry and cooking to do. Organizing a list makes it more likely everyone will chip in (maybe!).

Have some organizational tips that have helped you these past weeks? Please share them with us at info@totalbrainhealth.com.