TBH Quiet the Mind Series | Find Your “Refill”

a woman meditating by a lake at sunrise

As the days extend to weeks and the weeks to months, the practice of social distancing can begin to wear on us, no matter how well we are coping. This is especially true for those of us taking care of others, either on the front lines of care (and our deepest gratitude if that is you) or for those at home, caring for others.

Today’s workout is a reminder to take care of yourself – to find your own emotional “refill” – each day, before you go out to do that for others. Perhaps your “refill” is some quiet time over coffee watching the sun rise, a few minutes of lively dance time to the radio, or a nightly video chat with dear friends. Whatever it is, make sure you do it, and give yourself that extra bit of care you need and deserve to stay calm and strong each day.