TBH Quiet the Mind Series | Better with Letters

a pen writing in cursive

Letters are a wonderful way to connect – not only with others, but also with ourselves. Sitting down with pen and paper to share our happenings, thoughts and feelings can slow time, give us the chance to reflect, and create moments of focus and calm.

While today we are much more likely to shoot off an email than a letter, now is the perfect time to revisit the art of letter writing. Dig out some stationery, or just some paper, and write some letters. Catch up with a long lost friend, send your gratitude to a health care worker (you can send those to your local hospital), or write to your “future self.” Feeling artistic? Try creating little works of art and sharing those forward.

Need some inspiration? Check out letters from famous letter writers such as Winston Churchill or John and Abigail Adams, or watch some wonderful letter-based performances from Letters Live (letterslive.com).