TBH Quiet the Mind | Calm with Color

a blank notebook and pencils

Creating art can be a balm for the brain. Engaging our creative selves boost focus, cognitive nimbleness, and other skills such as planning and reasoning, as well as opportunities to feel calm and positive.

Mandalas, part of a Buddhist tradition, are thought to be a gateway to mindfulness meditation for many of these reasons. Popular as a coloring activity for adults, creating your own Mandala will engage your mind and your spirit.

Try coloring the Mandala provided here, or download the wonderful Mandala coloring book from Kripalu, a yoga education center in Massachusetts.

Coloring book PDF: https://kripalu.org/sites/default/files/pdfs/kripalu_mandala_coloringbook.pdf?fbclid=IwAR34M-Gj-WJG61WOaz0Oe_IIUIU7S6smiTrLrhfXvH7lFJMBJVy3oWWoooI