Flavors of Fall: Autumn Activities that Engage Our Brains

Here on the east coast, school is back in session and it is already beginning to feel like fall. While it seems the summer flew by, there is something [...]

June 2014 | Science Update

This summer we are proud to feature Science Updates written by our awesome summer interns. June’s updates focus on recent findings about nutrition and long-term dementia risk. Can Nuts [...]

Brain Diet Fads: Fact, Fiction or Fashion? What You Should Know to “Eat Smart” Now

When it comes to brain health, it seems nothing is more confusing than advice about what we eat and drink. The media’s obsessional reporting of every new finding on [...]

30 Days to Total Brain Health featuring TED | Day 22 | What’s Wrong With What We Eat

  New York Times food columnist Mark Bittman is a favorite in our office -- he has brought us a new cookbook of "basics" that is an essential kitchen [...]

How to Have a Healthy Thanksgiving Without Eating Like a Pilgrim | Guest Post by Deane Alban

We are so happy to have the chance to share this guest blog post with our readers! Deane Alban is the force behind another great organization promoting better [...]

Brain News You Can Use

What Kind of Fat Is That? A recent study from the Women’s Health Study found that women who reported eating a diet higher in mono-unsaturated fatty acids (MUFAs) performed [...]

What If I Had a Pill That Could Reduce Your Stroke Risk by 90 Percent?

What if there was a pill that could reduce your risk for stroke by 90 percent? You’d take it in a heartbeat, right? After all, stroke is the number [...]