A Hybrid Individual and Group Program

The TBH365 Challenge program engages individuals to use the TBH TOOLBOX365 to train on their own with regular challenges where they track “points” on a tracking calendar aimed at building improved vitality and cognition. Combined with regular meetings you lead to educate and encourage participation.

  • Trainer Materials include include 13 scripted meeting sessions and 12 tracking calendars.
  • Social-Based. The TBH365 Challenge program combines at home workouts with social group classes.
  • Integrated Wellness. Meetups incorporate body, mind and spirit interventions for promoting improved thinking skills.
  • Experiential. Multi-sensory workouts and stress reduction exercises offer beneficial strategies for staying sharp and vital.


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What’s Included

  • TBH365 Challenge Trainer Materials
    Scripted trainer-led meet ups with group brain workouts set participants up for the upcoming challenge. Click here to preview sample pages >
  • Additional Materials
    Challenge tracking calendars promote engagement with the TBH TOOLBOX365 brain training system outside of class. Click here to preview a sample tracking calendar >
  • Support from TBH Experts
    Easy access to staff by email or phone.
  • Always Available
    TBH365 Challenge materials are at your fingertips with easy online access.