5 minutes

TBH Take a Breath is our signature relaxation and affirmation cool-down designed to build focus, encourage relaxation, and boost self-efficacy as you finish learning together. You will use the TBH Take a Breath at the close of each class. Your class materials includes a shorter version of these directions.

The TBH Take a Breath playlist offers suggested music to set the pace of your workout.

Let’s wrap up with “TBH Take a Breath.” Being mindful of our breath and sharing some positive thoughts is a wonderful way to acknowledge what we’ve learned together before we go back to our day. Research also shows that these kinds of exercises help retrain our brains to hold focus and perhaps learn more effectively.

First, I’d like everyone to get comfortable. Put both feet flat on the floor and let your hands rest in your lap.

Now, please close your eyes, and keep them gently closed.

Next, focus your attention on your breathing. Notice the rate and rhythm of your breath. Begin inhaling slowly and deeply through your nostrils, breathing gently into your chest and belly. Then exhale through your lips, slowing the rate and rhythm of your breath. Continue to focus on the inhale and exhale of your breath, letting your attention ride the wave of your breath, gently and slowly inhaling and exhaling, relaxing on the wave of your breath.

Pause briefly, then offer the class affirmations in a calm, slow voice.

As you breathe, I’d like to offer you the following thoughts. You can just listen as I share them, repeat them silently to yourself, or think about what they mean to you.

Share affirmations unique to each class.

Pause briefly, then end the exercise.

Now slowly bring your awareness back to the room. Gently open your eyes, become more alert of the room and of each other. We are grateful for the chance to take a moment for ourselves, for the chance to learn together how to take care of our brains and ourselves, and for the chance to connect with each other.