3 minutes

The TBH MEMORY 2.0 Let’s Get It Started! is a gentle seated warm-up designed to build focus, self awareness, and get everyone ready to learn together. You will use the TBH Let’s Get It Started! at the beginning of each class. Your class materials include a shorter version of these directions.

The TBH Let’s Get It Started! playlist offers suggested music to set the pace of your workout.

We are going to begin with “TBH Let’s Get it Started!” Being physically engaged is great for our focus, thinking, and self-awareness. This quick warm-up is a terrific way to get us ready to learn and explore together. We’ll do this right at our seats at the beginning of every class. Just watch what I do and follow along.


Let’s start by warming our feet and ankles. Lift all your toes to the sky, keeping your heels grounded, for 5 beats and hold. Demonstrate. Let’s count together from 1 to 5. Now, keeping your toes on the floor, lift your heels off the floor for 5 beats and hold. Demonstrate. Feel the stretch while counting backwards 5 to 1. Next, keeping your feet on the floor, curl your toes tightly and hold for a few seconds. Demonstrate. While your toes are curled, here are 4 words to remember as you count: Brain, Memory, Friends, Together. Option to change the 4 words for future classes. Let’s work to remember them. We’ll re-visit these words again later.


Now let’s warm up our legs. Put both feet on the floor in front of you hip width apart. Sitting tall, gently kick your left leg out from the knee. Demonstrate. We’ll repeat this 5 times, counting backwards from E to A. Now let’s repeat that with our right leg, counting together from A to E. Pause for a moment. While sitting tall, feet firmly on the ground, cross your arms in front of your chest and gently rotate your torso to the right for 5 repetitions. Demonstrate. Let’s count backward together from 5 to 1. Pause for a moment. Now, let’s repeat that to the left. Demonstrate. Count together backward from 25 by 5s (25, 20, 15, 10, 5). While remaining sitting tall, stretch your arms wide to the side, and gently arch your back, eyes forward for a count of 4. Demonstrate. Can you recall the 4 words I asked you to remember? Pause for a moment while the group answers. Very good! Now let’s release tension in our necks. Reach your arms gently forward and slowly stretch your chin to your chest. You don’t need to touch your chin to your chest. Just lightly stretch. Demonstrate. Hold the stretch for 5, counting E-A. Good! Now go ahead and let’s make some noise. Stamp your feet on the ground, alternating them one at a time. Demonstrate.


Now let’s warm up our arms and necks. Begin by shaking out your arms gently to the side. Circle your wrists, and open and close your hands. Demonstrate. Sitting upright, with your arms straight out in front of you and palms forward, slowly swing both arms straight out to the sides, then slowly move your arms up to the sky, then back down until your arms are parallel to the floor in front of you. Demonstrate. Let’s repeat this 5 times. We’ll count by 2’s together. (2, 4, 6, 8, 10). Next, sitting tall, reach your left arm down to the floor, and your right arm up. Hold for 5 seconds. Demonstrate. Let’s count together from A – E. Next, reverse your arms for 5 counts. Demonstrate. And, let’s count together E – A. Pause for a moment. Let’s together loosen our shoulders up. Slowly circle shoulders to the front 3 times. Demonstrate. Now, circle your shoulders to the back for 3 repetitions. Demonstrate. Count together 3 to 1.


Let’s finish by warming up our voices. Ready?  Let’s all say “OHHHHHHHHHH.” Have group say sound with you. Hold for a few seconds. Try wiggling your mouth side to side while we hold the sound. Demonstrate.

Let’s all say “EHHHHHHHHHH.” Have group say sound with you. Hold for a few seconds. Try lifting the eyebrows while vocalizing. Demonstrate

Say “AHHHHHHHHHH.” Have group say sound with you. Hold for a few seconds. Try frowning while making noise. Demonstrate

Now let’s do all the sounds together, like this. Repeat each sound with the group, but this time don’t pause in between the sounds. Say “OH – EH – AH,” holding each sound for a few seconds. “OH – EH – AH” Repeat 3 times.

Now Let’s try warming up our talking voices using this famous tongue twister! Repeat after me three times. “Freezy breeze made these three trees freeze.” Repeat 3 times with your group.


OK, I mentioned 4 words at the beginning of our warmup as part of our count, and promised to come back to them. Now’s the time. Can you recall the words for me? Great job, everyone.

TBH LET’S GET IT STARTED! PLAYLIST. Play selections from the playlist to enhance your TBH Let’s Get It Started! workouts. You can access the playlist by clicking HERE.