“A gold-standard clinical trial provides evidence that diet, exercise and an active social life can help prevent cognitive decline.”
– Scientific American, April 2017 FINGER STUDY
Total Brain Health Loop


Decades of research show that cognitive function and long-term brain vitality are best supported by ongoing and robust engagement across physical, intellectual, and socio-economic aspects of well-being. The TBH Toolkits are founded on a blueprint of body, mind and spirit engagement for Total Brain Health.
The TBH Toolkits are backed by research from studies such as the FINGER study and ACTIVE Trial that have shown the significant benefit of cognitive training across multiple modes of intervention for older adults.
And, more recently, a report from the Alzheimer’s Association supports this approach to maintaining cognitive health in the June 2015 Alzheimer’s Dementia: The Journal of the Alzheimer’s Association:
“The Alzheimer’s Association believes there is sufficiently strong evidence… to conclude that regular physical activity and management of cardiovascular risk factors reduce the risk of cognitive decline and may reduce the risk of dementia. The Association also believes there is sufficiently strong evidence to conclude that a healthy diet and lifelong learning/cognitive training may also reduce the risk of cognitive decline.”
– Alzheimer’s Dementia | June 2015
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At Total Brain Health, our celebrated brain training philosophy draws from 3 evidence-backed methods:

TRAINING ACROSS THE WELLNESS SPECTRUM. Science shows that we must engage in activities across the multiple areas of health to fully boost our daily thinking and long-term brain vitality.

  • BODY. Keeping physically fit helps sharpen intellectual performance, and has been linked to lowered dementia risk.
  • MIND. Cognitive training can revive skills that diminish with age, such as attention, quick thinking, multi-tasking, short-term memory, and reasoning. Research suggests some of these benefits may even last up to ten years.
  • SPIRIT. Strong, satisfying social ties, emotional balance and a positive outlook have been tied to better daily thinking and long-term brain vitality

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SOCIAL-BASED BRAIN TRAINING. Training in groups has been shown to fast track the effects of brain training on our cognitive abilities and can directly impact the cognitive skills most challenged by aging. All our TBH courses and programs are built on a proprietary method that holds social-based brain training as a core tenet.
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EXPERIENTIAL LEARNING. We learn better by “doing,” especially the types of activities that have been shown to boost brain fitness. In a TBH course or program you will always find a “hands on” opportunity to try what you are learning, not just read about it or listen to a lecture.
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