The Total Brain Health courses teach how we can adapt lifestyle habits to sharpen daily intellectual performance, reduce dementia risk and improve brain vitality. The classes follow our TBH BLUEPRINT, which is used as an  organizational touchpoint throughout the program. The course offers:
  • Continuous Delivery. Developed for continuous, ongoing delivery across your calendar, Total Brain Health classes include uniquely designed training exercises that are repeatable and provide different student experiences each time they are taught.
  • Flexible Class Times. Our building block class design gives you the option of shorter class times. Skip the opening or closing warmups to deliver an “express” class when it better suits your calendar or client needs. Use the suggested times found for each class section to “build” a class that suits your available time slot. Keep in mind that these times may vary based on your class size or student participation, and that you can limit or extend the time for any section as you need. For express 5-minute workouts you can add to your calendar anytime, anywhere, you may also use the TBH Brain Plays found in each class and posted separately in your toolkit along with take-home worksheets.
  • Flexible Class Sizes. The recommended class size is 10 to 15 people, especially as you first begin teaching the program. You can run the course with as few as 6 or as many as 20 participants, allowing you to accommodate attendance numbers that may vary week to week. Our program adapts well to smaller group sizes that may be needed for physical distancing when holding classes in person.
  • Flexible Delivery Models so you can teach in-person small groups, provide hallway training using the printable worksheets and handouts, or offer online coaching with video conferencing technology. You can even teach hybrid classes using a combination of delivery options at the same time. Everything stays social with students interacting together wherever their location.
Each Total Brain Health 1-hour class includes the following materials: INTRODUCTORY SECTIONS. These sections help orient and prepare you to teach the class:
  • Class Title. The title of the class.
  • Class Description. A brief description of what you will be doing with your students.
  • TBH Focus. The TBH Blueprint pillar and action point that will be covered.
  • Skills Worked. The intellectual skills targeted by the class workout.
  • SBBT. The Social-Based Brain Training methodology you will be using.
  • You Will Need. The materials you will need to teach the class.
SCRIPTED COURSE SECTIONS. The teaching sections of the course include a bulleted overview as well as suggested scripting. We strongly recommend using the scripting for guidance as you find your own voice in teaching the course material. Includes suggested time lengths for guidance.