As leading cognitive fitness experts, we know the science behind boosting daily intellectual performance, sharpening memory, reducing dementia risk and supporting well-being.

All TBH TOOLKIT courses are grounded in our celebrated Total Brain Health Methodology. This three-pronged approach reflects the state of the current brain health research, including:


The evidence strongly supports engagement across the physical, intellectual and socio-emotional areas of health as our best resource for keeping our brains fit. Our TBH BLUEPRINT is the foundational wellness roadmap behind every TBH course. It guides students to engage in activities proven to boost daily thinking and long-term brain vitality across:

BODY. Staying physically fit, along with healthy dietary habits, as well as managing everyday choices such as sleep and medications, helps sharpen intellectual performance and has been linked to lowered dementia risk and to better well-being for those living with dementia.

MIND. Cognitive training can revive skills diminished by age, such as attention, quick thinking, multi-tasking and reasoning. Continued creative and intellectual challenge as well as strategies to enhance memory also have proven to be critical to cognitive vitality.

SPIRIT. Strong, satisfying social ties, emotional balance and a positive outlook have been tied to better cognitive health.  


Group-based learning, whether in person or through distance learning, significantly boosts the benefits of cognitive training, especially on skills most affected by aging. In addition, social isolation and its impact on wellbeing is a growing concern worldwide. Unique to TBH, Social-Based Brain Training (SBBT) is the intentional use of social engagement to promote cognitive performance and long-term brain vitality. Our SBBT approach uses proprietary training strategies that bring the full benefit of group-based learning to our courses. Our SBBT modalities, noted at the start of each class, include:

ALL TOGETHER. Your class will work as a whole group for collective training.

PAIR UP. Your class will work in groups of 2 or 3 for small group, collaborative learning.

TEAM UP. Your class will work as two teams for a friendly competitive workout.


We learn better by doing, especially the types of activities that have been tied to improving cognitive outcomes. Our TBH courses use an experiential approach, giving students a “hands on” opportunity to try what they are learning right in your classroom. Our training incorporates the latest teaching methodologies, emphasizing active learning, a multimodal approach, and retrieval practice strategies.


Research shows that training in intellectual skills such as attention and memory can help us better maintain everyday functioning. Challenging ourselves with new ways of thinking has been shown to build neuroplasticity, or our brains ability to grow and connect neurons.

Each TBH BRAIN WORKOUT 1.0 class highlights the cognitive skills your student will be building in that session. These skills, represented by icons in introductory section of each class, include:


Accurately sensing our world.

Our ability to hold focus.

Moving quickly and nimbly.

Quick thinking.

Our ability to multi-task.

Speaking fluently.

Seeing the world accurately.

Learning & recalling information.

Reasoning & resolving.

Judging our world accurately and respond appropriately.


Total Brain Health is a recognized leader in the brain fitness industry. We believe that brain health is a critical part of optimal living. Everyone should have the chance to boost their brain power and live life fully and richly, each day and every year. That is both our passion and our company mission. Educational programs include: 

  • TBH TOOLKITS a suite of social-based brain training programs for small groups (totalbrainhealth.com)
  • TBH TOOLBOX365 a daily brain training game for one-to-one and personal use (tbhtoolbox365.com)
  • TBH BUILD MY MEMORY! Self-paced memory training using videos and a personal workbook (tbhbuildmymemory.com)
  • TBH ACADEMY continuing education training for professionals (totalbrainhealth.com)
  • TBH SOLUTIONS partnership-driven customized brain fitness solutions for businesses



Total Brain Health Founder and President, Cynthia Green, Ph.D. is a nationally recognized expert on brain health. She has served on the faculty of the Mount Sinai School of Medicine since 1990, where she is an assistant clinical professor in the Department of Psychiatry and has held various positions within the Mount Sinai Alzheimer’s Disease Research Center. In 1996, Dr. Green founded Mt. Sinai’s Memory Enhancement Program, an innovative course to improve memory fitness in healthy adults of all ages. Author of 6 books on memory and brain health, including Total Memory Workout: 8 Easy Steps to Maximum Memory Fitness; Through the Seasons: An Activity Book for Memory Challenged Adults and their Caregivers (with Joan Beloff); Brainpower Game Plan (with the editors of Prevention Magazine); and 30 Days to Total Brain Health. Dr. Green is also a contributor to National Geographic’s Complete Guide to Brain Health and Your Best Brain Ever, named by the Washington Post as a “2013 Top Guide to Life After 50.” Dr. Green’s work is featured frequently in the media, including CNBC, the New York Times and the Washington Post.

For more information, please visit www.cynthiagreenphd.com.