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Brain_buff_1200-770x402Best Workouts To Keep Your Brain “Buff”

Dr. Green was recently interviewed by Bottom Line/Health for an article on the best workouts to keep your brain “buff.”

card games nyt

Using Card and Board Games To Keep Minds Sharp

Dr. Green was interviewed about the brain benefits of playing cards and board games.

How Your Job Can Make You Smarter

Dr. Green was pleased to be included as a source for a recent article in the WSJ asserting that your job may be making you smarter.

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Can You Eat ‘Smart’ and Boost Your Brain Power?

Fox News picks up Dr. Green’s recent article about Brain Diet Fads.


PSRC’s Total Brain Health Fair Will Offer Big Variety of Events & Activities – Town Topics Princeton ( September 2013)

Total Brain Health Fair featured in Princeton.

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5 Brain Health Exercises in 5 Minutes or Less – Speakers On Healthcare (September 2013)

Dr. Green provides Brain Health tips to Speakers audience.

Sixty-and-Me_Better-Memory-and-Brain-Fitness_Cynthia-Green-740x416Better Memory & Brain Fitness – Cynthia Green Interview (August 2013)

An interview by Margaret Manning of


What Every Elder Care Professional Should Know About Brain Health (July 2013)

Dr. Green provides advice to the ASA – American Society on Aging audience.

10 things functional girl

10 Things You Can Do Right Now To Boost Your Brain Health (June 2013)

Functional Girl shares Dr. Green’s tips on brain health


You Must Remember This…(November 2012)

Dr. Green provides expert advice for keeping your brain sharp for

Brain Storm Jersey Living

Brain Storm:  A Psychologist Looks To Improve Brain Health (November 2012)

Dr Green featured in NJ Monthly Magazine!


Games to Improve Your Memory (October 2012)

Dr. Green provides expert advice on the “I can’t remember” moments for Women’s Day Magazine


America’s 10 Sharpest, Smartest Cities (October 2012)

Reader’s Digest taps into Dr. Green’s expertise for research on the smartest cities.


How to Improve Your Memory (October 2012)

The Daily Spark picks up a piece of a Dr. Green’s article featured in Women’s Day


Traumatic Brain Injury: Four Things You Need to Know (September 2012)

J Levine

Until There is a Cure: Non-Pharmacological Approaches to Dementia Care
(July 2012) 

Jed Levine of interviews Dr. Green.

9 Simple Ways to Improve Your Memory
Minerva Place (June 2012) 

Dr. Green provides her expertise on how playing mind games can give you a mental workout.


Keeping the Brain in Mind
(Whole Foods Magazine May 2012)

Dr. Green provides insight on how diet and supplements can benefit the brain

Age-Proof Your Brain: 10 Easy Ways to Keep Your Mind Fit Forever
(Brain World AARP  January 2012)

Dr. Green contributes: the benefits of challenging the brain


3 Tips to Improve Memory
(Tampa Bay Times February 2012)

Dr. Green provides tips for improving memory


Brain Fitness: 7 Ways To Work Smarter
( February 2012)

Dr. Green provides expert advice for training your brain to work smarter

mind graphic 10 Ways to Keep Your Mind Sharp
(Bangor Daily News February 2012)

Dr. Green provides tips for keeping the brain sharp


 5 Health Benefits of List Making
(The List Producer January 2012)

Dr. Green contributes


Better Memory/Smarter Brain
( January 2012)

Dr. Green provides expertise for this interview on the healthymagination blog

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10 Surprising Things Everyone Should Know To Boost Brain Health
(Pittsburgh HealthCare Report January 2012)

Dr. Green in the Pittsburgh HealthCareReport

Secrets of Memory Geniuses, Tips to Improve your Memory (AARP January 2012)

Dr. Green contributes some helpful hints and tips to this AARP article

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10 Things You Can Do Right Now To Boost Your Brain Health
(December 2011)

Hot topic! Improve your brain health by Dr. Green