Use this full course introduction whenever you welcome new students to your class.

You Will Need TBH MEMORY 2.0 Student Welcome Packet, enough copies for each new student

  • Welcome new students each class using the suggested talking points below. Distribute the TBH MEMORY 2.0 Student Welcome Packets to new students.
  • Introduce yourself and let new students know how they can reach you.
  • Let new students know class meeting times and any additional instructions to join a class.
  • Ask new students to briefly introduce themselves.

Welcome to the Total Brain Health MEMORY 2.0 program. I am so glad we are here together.

The TBH MEMORY 2.0 program is one of the TBH TOOLKITS, a series of brain fitness courses developed by Total Brain Health. It is based on the work of Dr. Cynthia Green, a clinical psychologist and leading brain health expert and author.

In this course, we are going to work together to rev up our recall by optimizing our brain fitness and learning new memory skills that will make the experience personal, challenging and rewarding. And it will be fun!

We rely on our memory every day and it serves us well to keep it sharp. Research shows that by actively incorporating easy-to-use memory strategies into our routine can help us improve our ability to recall at every age.

In this course, you will learn more about the science of memory and how to translate that learning into practical ways we can better care for our cognitive fitness.

Like all the Total Brain Health courses, this program is grounded in the cognitive fitness science. The TBH Blueprint shows that science and things we can do to stay sharp, vital and independent. The course focuses primarily on the “Mind” pillar of the blueprint, especially the “strategize” and “sharpen skills” action points. Distribute TBH Blueprint handout. 

In addition, in each class we will build certain daily thinking skills. Each class I will tell you which skills we will be training. The TBH Thinking Skills handout outlines what those thinking skills are. Distribute TBH Thinking Skills handout. 

Some of you have taken the TBH MEMORY 1.0 program. In this course we will take our training to the next level, with more challenging ways of using those strategies. And, we will add on new, more complex strategies. At the end of the course, we can look forward to a friendly team competition, “The TBH Memory Finals,” that will put your skills to use in a 2-part match that is certain to leave us with many wonderful memories!