What’s On Their Minds? 4 Surprising Things Residents Want from Your Brain Fitness Programs

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What’s On Their Minds? 4 Surprising Things Residents Want from Your Brain Fitness Programs 

Do you know what your residents are thinking about brain fitness?

That’s a question we ponder a lot at Total Brain Health. As leaders in cognitive wellness training, we make it our business to be smart about what motivates adults of all ages and abilities to take better care of their brains. So, what are they looking for?

They want the real deal. Today’s residents (and those looking for tomorrow!) are savvy consumers. They have seen the brain health science and imagine you have, too. You are offering wellness as a stand-apart reason to join your community, and they expect that offer to include meaningful, robust opportunities to rev up their recall, reduce their risk for cognitive loss, and connect with others. And they know that trivia and bingo aren’t going to do that. 

They want to thrive. Your residents – just like the rest of us – want to stay healthy and vital. In fact, marketing reports show wellness engagement is a major driver of community move-ins. Guess what is a perfect match? Brain health. Research confirms that interventions across body, mind, and spirit are critical to brain vitality for everyone along the cognitive continuum. Expert-designed cognitive fitness training can not only meet this need but also help you highlight the value of your overall wellness offerings.

They want to be heard. What do residents want to see on your calendar? Members of your community expect a voice in how they want to spend their time. We know that when residents are asked, memory improvement training and brain fitness programs are always – always! – at the top of their list. You can show you value those expectations by delivering cutting-edge cognitive wellness training. Your calendar can be chock-a-block with activities, but if it doesn’t show you are including ones that are worth their while, satisfaction and attendance will be low. And nobody wants that.

They want to keep going on their own. Residents know brain fitness doesn’t just happen once a week. They are looking for sustainable ways to bring brain training home, with on-demand workouts they can do on their own or with each other. Your cognitive wellness program should have “legs” that give them hands-on ways to take what they’ve learned and continue building better brainpower on their own time. Offering folks agency over their brain health can not only make them happier and more confident but also gives you a smart way to extend program reach while preserving your team’s precious time.

At Total Brain Health, we know there’s a lot of collective wisdom in what your residents want from your brain fitness offerings. That’s why we are sure to listen. Our team is always looking for innovative ways to go beyond providing cutting-edge training and ensure that we partner with you in ways that challenge, engage and delight everyone in your community.