3 Ways to Scale Up Your Brain Fitness Right Now

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3 Ways to Scale Up Your Brain Fitness Right Now

Fast, affordable solutions to expand what you offer 

Spring is around the corner, and with it the promise of renewal and fresh beginnings. This year, more than most, we are anxious for the hopefulness the season brings.

Central on our radar is helping everyone get back on track and recover from what long months of isolation and limited activity have wrought. Studies confirm the uptick in resident’s frailty, cognitive decline and loneliness. Now it’s time to find the best way to relaunch wellness with programs that quickly scale up, serve everyone, attract folks across a wide range of interests and needs, and stay within your budget.

How? Brain fitness training. Brain wellness is a hot topic, attracting a wide range of individuals with varying interests who are now especially worried about their thinking.

Here are 3 easy, affordable ways you can roll out brain health for everyone right now.

Add only what you need.

Research shows regularly engaging in interventions across multiple areas of well-being is the best way we can maintain thinking, reduce dementia risk, and live well with dementia. That’s good news for those with a robust calendar of events across the physical, intellectual and socio-emotional dimensions of wellness. Build upon this to scale up your brain training by highlighting the cognitive fitness value of what you already offer, from gym classes to painting instruction, to healthy nutritional options in the dining room. It’s a great way to get even more out of your current programs and maximize the appeal of your training, giving everyone a pathway to better brain fitness. Round out your brain health initiative, by layering in a whole person cognitive fitness training program that underscores that connection between physical wellness, social engagement, and memory improvement strategies to the ultimate goal of brain wellness and renewed vitality.

Roll out a brain health challenge.

Who doesn’t love a good challenge? Fitness challenges are a cutting edge, engaging tool to bring a large number of community members an affordable health improvement program. And given its popularity, brain health is the perfect way to get everyone engaged in a communitywide — or companywide – health challenge. Your cognitive fitness challenge can easily be scaled to include different audiences in your community, including residents, families, prospective members as well as staff. The cost is manageable, and staff time is minimized as community members engage in much of the challenge on their own. The game-based aspects of a challenge, including tracking points, awards, etc. feels fresh and keeps the program motivating. Bring it to the “next level” with intercommunity competitions, challenging locations to compete with each other. Make it even easier by using a pre-packaged program or consider working with experts to develop a customized brain health challenge that showcases your other offerings for wellness engagement or marketing.

Scale up for savings and sales.

There is strength in numbers. Creating a scalable brain wellness program reduces unseen costs from overlapping programs. A unified approach that can serve everyone from residents to prospectives to staff is smart budget-wise as it lowers expenditures associated with training, program procurement, and vendor support. In addition, centralizing your brain fitness offerings allows you better quality control over what is offered and reflects the high value you place on cognitive wellness for each individual in your community, whether highly independent or living with memory loss. This is critical at a time when the public is increasingly aware of the science and has little tolerance for attempts to pass off home-grown puzzle packets or trivia games as brain training. From a corporate perspective, scaling a brain health initiative has additional perks. You are guaranteed better oversight regarding the quality of what is being offered. You also capture the marketing advantage having a vetted, well-scaled brain fitness initiative can bring to your brand. Now is the perfect time to upgrade to a brain wellness program that helps realize your goals and takes advantage of the economy of scale, whether you are a single operator or responsible for multiple locations.

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