What’s New at TBH | November 2017

TBH MEMORY Level 2.0 Toolkit

Here’s something you won’t want to forget! Our next-level memory strategies course for graduates of TBH MEMORY Level 1.0 is on its way!  You can expect all new ramped-up Memory training workouts, along with new strategies to remember better, and a take-home “Memory Best” Daily Challenge for added learning outside of the classroom.

Ordering information coming soon!

We were thrilled to sponsor the “Total Brain Health Games” competition as part of Acts Retirement-Life Communities’ OlympiActs Games in their mid-South Region this past week! The TBH Games featured memory challenges similar to those found in the US Memory Championship, and tested competitors’ recall for names, poems and lists. Our coaching program, including video training sessions with Dr. Green, made sure everyone was at their memory best for the big day. We heard it was a blast and sure looks like a great time was had by all. Take a look at the video to check out the Total Brain Health Games!


Dr. Green Presents at ASA March 2018
See Dr. Green present at the 2018 American Society of Aging Conference. Dr. Green will be part of a panel presenting on brain training effectiveness at the upcoming ASA Conference in San Francisco in March, 2018. To learn more about the conference, click HERE.

To bring Dr. Green to your community or organization event, contact Jo Cavender at jo@speakersonhealthcare.com or click HERE for more information.