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Kathy Lee And HodaKathie Lee & Hoda, Today Show (April 2014)

Dr. Green shares tips for finding items you lose everyday.


DrOzShowDr. Green on Dr. Oz: 3 Breakthroughs That Will Help You Prevent Alzheimer’s (April 2014)

Watch Dr. Green and Dr. Oz talk about the new findings in Alzheimer’s research


Screen Shot 2016-08-04 at 11.50.19 AMSCAN Social Community Activities Network (September 2013)

An interview with Pat Bohse of SCAN



Hearst Companies “Be Well” Event (December 2012)

Dr. Green shares tips on remembering names with employees of Hearst Companies and Women’s Day Magazine.

Dr. Green SING TechniqueHearst Companies “Be Well” Event (December 2012)

Dr. Green shares the “SING” technique for remembering with employees of Hearst Companies and Women’s Day Magazine.

Dr Green News 12 NJ12 To Your Health, News 12 New Jersey Television Interview (July 2012)

Dr. Green and the Total Brain Health Fair featured on News 12 New Jersey; interviewed by Dr. Derrick DeSilva.

Dr.+Green+on+Health+Talk,+Fox+News (1)

Fox News “Health Talk with Dr. Manny Alvarez” (May 2011)

Dr. Green talks with her friend and colleague Dr. Manny Alvarez about all things brain health.

Dr.+Green+on+Martha+Stewart_HomePageDr. Green featured on Martha Stewart (February 2011)

Dr. Green sits down with Martha Stewart to talk memory tips and her new book Brainpower Game Plan


Dr. Green featured on MSNBC (December 2010)

Watch as Dr. Green discusses the times during the day our brain is primed for different activities with MSNBC’s Thomas Roberts


Whatever with Alexis & Jennifer (September 2010)

Dr. Green sits down with Alexis & Jennifer and shares tips on how to improve memory and promote brain health


Brainpower Game Plan featured on Dr. Phil (June 2010)

Dr. Phil features success stories from people who have read and followed Dr. Green’s book “Brainpower Game Plan”