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 Summer 2019 Newsletter | Breakthrough Treatment Found To Reduce Dementia Risk by Up To 60% | READ MORE

 June 2019 | Science Update: Are Anti-Cholinergics Bad for the Brain? New Study Shows Increased Dementia Risk | READ MORE

 May 2019 | WHO Disappoints: The Missed Opportunity of the World Health Organization Guidelines for Preventing Dementia | READ MORE

 April 2019 | Science Update: Do Neurons Stop Growing in Alzheimer’s Disease & Can We Do Anything About That? | READ MORE

 March 2019 Newsletter | Food For Thoughts: 3 Eating Habits That Are A Real No-Brainer | READ MORE

February 2019 Newsletter | Science Update: At Risk for Dementia? Exercise & Diet May Help | READ MORE

 January 2019 Newsletter | Making Brain Wellness a Priority | READ MORE

 December 2018 Newsletter | Building Community with TBH | READ MORE

 November 2018 Newsletter | Our 2018 Brain Healthy Gift Guide | READ MORE

 October 2018 Newsletter | It’s Science-Based & Socially Engaging: How One Wellness Director Chose the TBH Program | READ MORE

 September 2018 Newsletter | Science Update: What Workout is Best for the Brain? The BrainFit Study | READ MORE

 Summer 2018 Newsletter | “A World of Difference”: The Power of the Total Brain Health | READ MORE

 June 2018 | Science Update: Yes, We Should Still Eat Like a Greek! | READ MORE

 May 2018 | 3 Ways to Boost Cognitive Confidence: May 2018 TBH Newsletter | READ MORE

 April 2018 | Science Update: Get Up & Move! Your Brain May Be Shrinking  | READ MORE

 March 2018 | Do We Have a Moral Obligation to Provide Brain Wellness Training?| READ MORE

 February 2018 |Memory Training Effective in Mild Cognitive Impairment | READ MORE

 January 2018 | Think Faster! 3 Simple and Effortless Ways to Rev Up Your Thinking | READ MORE

 December 2017 | Love, Marriage, & Dementia Risk | READ MORE

 November 2017 TBH Reveals Our Totally Brain Healthy Gift Guide | READ MORE

 October 2017 Social Isolation, Loneliness Linked to Increased Dementia Risk  | READ MORE

 September 2017 Let’s Connect! Why “Social” Is the New Hot Topic in Brain Health | READ MORE