Yes, We Should Still Eat Like a Greek!

Science Update | Yes, We Should Still Eat Like a Greek! New Analysis Confirms Recommendations

What: As widely reported in the press this month, researchers from the one of most influential studies on the heart and overall health benefits of a Mediterranean patterned diet retracted their previously published findings from 2013. It turned out that several errors in randomization, or the unbiased assignment of subjects to different groups in the study, may have contaminated the original findings. However, the researchers also submitted a re-analysis, with the affected data removed. The reported outcomes remained the same in the second analysis, published this past month in the New England Journal of Medicine. The evidence continues to show strong support for a Mediterranean patterned diet high in olive oil in reducing mortality and cardiovascular incidents, including stroke.

Why This Matters: Many people were surprised to hear that such an important study, which has impacted recommendations for healthier living across many fields of medicine including cognitive vitality, may have been flawed to the point of biasing the outcomes. However, this published re-analysis, as well as numerous other studies, reiterate the significant benefit “eating like a Greek” has to brain health and well-being.

The Takeaway. Evidence continues to build for the positive health effects of following a Mediterranean patterned diet. So go ahead! Open the olive oil, haul out the hummus, and don’t stint on the spinach! Educate your community to the benefits of the Mediterranean diet and try introducing more of this style foods to your dining room, both at work and for yourself at home.

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