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TBH Toolkits

Brain training classes you can teach

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TBH TOOLKITS |  Turnkey Brain Training Classes
You Can Teach

TBH ACADEMY | Brain Health Certificate Classes
for Professional Development

“Our TBH development courses are designed to empower wellness specialists by providing a high-level education around practical and effective cognitive interventions .”     Melissa Engel

TBH SOLUTIONS | Custom Marketing Programs

'Brain health is a critical part of optimal living. We believe everyone should have the chance to boost their brain power and achieve their best each day and every year.' Dr. Green

Total Brain Health Solutions

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White Papers 100%
Lifestyle Changes 100%
App Development 100%
Employee Wellness 100%
Panel Judging 100%
Brain Games 100%
Social Media Support 100%

“Dr. Green’s program teaches the older adult
various techniques to retain mental functioning
and to help them understand the importance of
a healthy lifestyle as they age.” Joan Beloff

Cynthia R. Green Ph.D.   Founder, Consultant, Author, Keynote Speaker

“Dr. Green’s very popular and empowering programs reassured and validated residents, negating their fears and concerns about impending memory loss.”     R Landsman

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