Our 2018 Brain Healthy Gift Guide

The TBH 2018 Brain Healthy Gift Guide

This year our annual TBH Brain Healthy Gift Guide focuses on gifts sure to delight those in your life living with memory loss. The included items offer fun, creative ways to engage across body, mind and spirit activities that have been linked to enhancing everyday well-being and vitality. The hardest part? Picking just one thing to get! Just click on the image or gift name to learn more or purchase the item. Happy Holidays from all of us at Total Brain Health!

Keep Moving! Research shows that staying physically active is key to maintaining well-being when living with memory loss. Some studies have linked regular aerobic exercise to slower decline as well. We love this easy-to-use pedaler, which can be used seated for a low-impact lower or upper body workout that can be paced appropriately, help with balance and strengthening. CLICK HERE.


Plant a Garden.
This Herb Essentials Garden Set features three self-watering herb kits that you can plant and nurture together. Not to mention the benefits of having some tasty herbs to use in cooking together. This gift is not only great for its “eat smart” benefits, but offers a wonderful opportunity to do something together that is also intellectually engaging and social. CLICK HERE.




Get Cozy. All of us, whether living with memory loss or not, can benefit from the comfort of a cozy blanket. This plush fleece throw is cozy, machine washable and affordable. A great gift for the holidays! CLICK HERE.




Play with ART. Help maintain focus, cognitive flexibility and creativity with this attractive Art Ball toy. The balls can be moved in countless ways and are a great, fun way to fill time when needed. CLICK HERE.




Paint with Magic Water. Stretch their imaginations with this easy to use adult watercolor book. Each page is full of beautiful, black and white illustrations which are transformed into color when painted with water. A wonderful activity to do together. CLICK HERE.



Keep Time with an Adaptive Clock. Time and date orientation can be a key challenge for those living with memory loss. This digital day clock makes it easier to keep track of the day, month and date, as well as the time. It uses full words rather than abbreviations, which can be confusing and harder to follow. CLICK HERE.



Share Intentions. Studies show that regularly practicing gratitude in our lives can boost emotional well-being and connectedness. Encourage them to give thanks for life’s blessings with this beautiful Gratitude Jar. This apothecary-style jar looks sharp as it gets filled with loving notes and a regular reminder to be grateful each day. CLICK HERE.



Dough That Soothes the Senses. We love this “dough,” as it is a great way to shift mood and promote relaxation for us all! This squishy compound releases a wonderful aroma when played with, channeling calm and tension relief through the use of color, texture and scent. Available in several colors and scents, the putty comes in convenient portable tins. CLICK HERE.



The Magic of Touch. Touch can be very soothing, especially for the daily tension of living with memory loss, which can create additional stress and anxiety. Hand massage is a lovely way to offer relief, especially as our hands can hold so much tension. This hand massage kit includes equipment to make a gentle hand massage easy to give. Try adding some scented lotion or oil to enhance relaxation. CLICK HERE.


A Few More Great Ideas!

Give In Their Honor. The holidays are a wonderful time to give to charity. Why not make a donation in a recipient’s name to those who are in need? Among our top choices are the Alzheimer’s Association and the Alzheimer’s Drug Discovery Foundation, which funds early-stage research in Alzheimer’s treatments.

Want a small way to spread the word on making the world a better place to live with dementia? Download and print this free bookmark from the Dementia Action Alliance to share with those you love this holiday season. You can learn more about the organization, a joint effort of those living with dementia, careers, and professionals in the field, on their website at https://daanow.org.

Happy Shopping!