Dr. Green Shares “Why List Making Will Save Your Brain” with the List Producer

Do you make lists? Lists are a “must have” memory tool for keeping on top of all we have to remember to do over the course of our day. No doubt your life is filled with much to do, from errands you have to run to business calls you have to make. Managing all that information definitely requires a super but simple organizational strategy, and lists are an elegant and common solution right for the task. Let’s face it, we’d be lost without them!

I recently had the pleasure of being the first guest blogger for an awesome new site dedicated to linking us up with some terrific lists, List Producer. I was happy to have the chance to confirm what all of us dedicated list users already know — list making saves our brains!

You can check out my blog “Why List Making Will Save Your Brain” on List Producer here.

Would you like even more information on how to get organized to boost your memory power? Check out “Step 4: Get Organized!” in my book Total Memory Workout: 8 Easy Steps to Maximum Memory Fitness!

Happy memories!

Dr. Green