Building Community with Total Brain Health: An Indiana Center Signs On

Building Community with Total Brain Health:

An Indiana Center Signs On

By Barbara Peck  


An Interview: Leah Boas of Mill Race Center speaks about how she helped to select Total Brain Health for the Indiana community center where she works.

Leah Boas is the Aging Well Director at Mill Race Center, a thriving community center for active adults over 50, located in Mill Race Park in Columbus, Indiana. Among other offerings, the center provides a range of health and fitness programs, including the Total Brain Health Toolkits: a series of “out of the box” courses on memory improvement and brain fitness. The TBH Toolkits are specially designed to help adults 50+ adapt, focus and concentrate on cognitive training in a group environment.

Q: Tell us about the center, Leah.

A: We have about 2,200 members from around the area, and we strive to meet their holistic wellness needs. All of our programming is based on the Six Dimensions of Wellness model. Basically, we want to engage our members and make sure they’re aging well.

Q: Where does brain health fit in?

A: Brain health was already a popular subject here even before we started offering TBH. We’d scheduled a few presentations on the subject, and members showed a lot of interest. Plus, we’d seen studies showing that brain health is one of the top concerns of our population.

Q: What excites you about brain training?

A: There’s always new information coming in about the benefits of brain training, and how everybody can use it to boost their recall, and improve cognitive functions in general.

Q: How did you select TBH for Mill Race Center?

A: A group of us had the opportunity to meet Dr. Cynthia Green, a leading brain health expert and founder of Total Brain Health] when she spoke at a conference at the center. Our members really enjoyed her presentation, and asked if we could provide more of what she spoke about. That started our involvement with TBH.

Q: What makes the TBH Toolkits different from other programs?

A: I enjoy the way the TBH program provides evidence about how the memory strategy works, and then teaches you how to use the strategy. I also like the myth-busting aspect—there’s a lot of information out there about memory and brain health, and it can be hard to separate fact from fiction. But TBH has done the research to show why this program works, so people can navigate between what actually is beneficial and what’s just being marketed as beneficial.

I also like that there are multiple levels. Members who’ve taken the first-level course can follow through to the next level.

Finally, since we emphasize social wellness at the center, having a brain health program that brings people together in groups is really beneficial. After all, building community is our role.

Q: What’s it like to be a client of TBH?

A: They’re very supportive and accessible. Whenever we need clarification about a topic, or advice on implementing a toolkit, it’s so easy to get information from them. They even do conference calls, which helps promote a sense of community among those who are leading the classes. Plus, they’re really good at keeping information up to date.

Q: Did anything surprise you about the TBH Toolkits?

A: I hadn’t expected them to be so thorough and user-friendly. Everything you need is laid out step by step, along with the information to support it. There’s no guesswork.

Q: Can you offer any tips for helping the TBH program succeed?

A: When we first offered TBH, we were overwhelmed by the number of people who wanted to participate. To keep the momentum going, we make the program consistently available. This month we’re offering a Level 1 course, a Level 2 course and the Brain Workout course. We provide a continuum as people move through it, but make sure Level 1 is always available for newcomers.

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