Brain News You Can Use | January 2018

Our Top Picks That Caught Our Eye Recently:

A Better Kind of Nursing Home | Lots of things look different when you step into a small Green House nursing home. (Source: New York Time | Paula Span).

Columbia Yoga Class Helps People with Alzheimer’s Disease Connect with Caregivers | When Phyllis Dua, 77, walked into the Yoga Center of Columbia, she didn’t remember attending a class there just a week before. (Source: Howard Magazine | Valerie Bonk).

Gene Wilder’s Widow Opens Up About Actors Battle with Alzheimer’s Disease | In an essay, Boyer shared her experience watching Wilder’s battle with Alzheimer’s until his death in 2016. (Source: Kiro7 | Nicole Moschella).

How Travel Can Benefit Our Mental Health | Today we are stand on future generation, in the early history people usually do the workforce, hard work which took the whole body to do the job instead of working more with a brain but now human life is surrounded by technology, and people are reversing their effective strategy. (Source: Augusta Free Press | N/A).

The Top 10 Foods You Should Be Eating for a Healthy Brain | The brain is considered the most complex living structure known in the universe.  It controls every aspect of our bodies.  However, nutritional deficiencies that come from consuming a diet high in sugar and processed foods can spell trouble for our ability to think and remember. (Source: CBN News | Lorie Johnson).

Try Exercise to Improve Memory and Thinking For patients with mild cognitive impairment, don’t be surprised if your health care provider prescribes exercise rather than medication. A new guideline for medical practitioners says they should recommend twice-weekly exercise to people with mild cognitive impairment to improve memory and thinking. (Source: Science Daily | Susan Barber Lindquist).