Brain News You Can Use | May 2019

Brain News You Can Use – Our Top Picks That Caught Our Eye this Month:


Can We Live Longer But Stay Younger? | With greater longevity, the quest to avoid the infirmities of aging is more urgent than ever. (Source: The New Yorker | Adam Gopnik).

Health Benefits of Dancing: This is What Happens to Your Brain When You Dance | Turns out, dancing isn’t just a great form of exercise that can help you reach your fitness goal. (Source: Times Now News | Salome Phelamei).

The Truth About Alzheimer’s Disease: We Can’t Control Aging, Genetics. That Leaves Lifestyle | Given the prevalence and devastating impact of Alzheimer’s disease, the claims are bound to grab attention. (Source: Omaha World-Herald |).

This Breathing Exercise Promises Heart, Brain Health Benefits | A breathing technique called Inspiratory Muscle Strength Training has been found effective to help improve and maintain good heart and brain health. (Source: Medical Daily |

Regular Crosswords and Number Puzzles Linked to Sharper Brain in Later Life | Older adults who regularly take part in word and number puzzles have sharper brains, according to the largest online study to date. (Source: EurekAlert | University of Exeter).

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