Brain News You Can Use | March 2018

Brain News You Can Use – Our Top Picks That Caught Our Eye Recently:

5 Healthcare Apps Focused on Improving Brain Health | The purpose of training the brain or rather known as ‘brain training,’ is to not only enable the mental stimulation but also develop neuroplasticity. (Source: Best Techie | Alycia Gordan).

FDA’s Updated Standards Remove an Unnecessary Barrier to Testing Alzheimer’s Drugs | After years of relying on outdated standards for evaluating new drugs for Alzheimer’s and other neurologic diseases, the FDA is finally modernizing its approach. (Source: Stat News | Jay Laprete/AP).

How Exercise May Help the Memory Grow Stronger | Exercise may help the brain to build durable memories, through good times and bad. (Source: New York Times | Gretchen Reynolds).

Lack of Social Connectedness and Its ConsequencesIsolation, loneliness, and a lack of social connections mark the lives of millions of older adults. (Source: Oxford Academic | Robert B Hudson, PhD).

Your Brain On Smartphones: Digital Addiction’s Health Impacts | How many times have you caught yourself, or someone in your family, staring at your phone, oblivious to the world around you? (Source: ABC2 | Sarah Thomsen).