Brain News You Can Use | December 2018

Brain News You Can Use – Our Top Picks That Caught Our Eye this month:

Does Stress Worsen Cognitive Functions? | Prolonged stress is often associated with health problems, such as heart disease, anxiety disorders, and sleep problems. (Source: Alzheimer’s Discovery | Yuko Hara, PhD).

How Puzzles, Games Might Help Your Aging BrainThose Sunday crossword puzzles may not prevent the aging brain from slowing down — but they might protect it in a different way, a new study suggests. (Source: USA News | Amy Norton).

Man Crosses Marathon Finish Line With Mother-in-Law Battling Alzheimer’s | On November 18, 37-year-old José Garcia reached the finish line of the Bakersfield Marathon—but he didn’t cross alone. (Source: Runners World | McGee Nall).

Many Alzheimer’s Patients Experience ‘Sundowning,’ or Strong Mood Swings Late in the Day. The Cause is a Mystery.Growing up, Emily German looked up to her mother as a fierce role model who effortlessly juggled family, friends and a successful career. (Source: Washington Post | Meeri N. Kim).

Memory Tests Predict Brain Atrophy and Alzheimer’s Disease | Mild cognitive impairment is a heterogeneous condition; it may may be reversible or permanent. but it is also associated with a higher risk of dementia, Alzheimer’s disease in particular. (Source: Science Daily | University of Helsinki).

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