Brain News You Can Use | April 2019

Brain News You Can Use – Our Top Picks That Caught Our Eye this Month:

4 Brain Health Moves to Keep Your Mind Sharp with Age | Whether it’s small changes in mental abilities like memory or more serious conditions such as Alzheimer’s disease, cognitive decline can affect us as we age. (Source: Woman’s Day | Woman’s Day Staff).

7 Games and Puzzles to Keep Your Mind Active and Healthy | Presumably, we all want to have healthy, agile minds. If in pursuit of this, some fun stumbled our way, it wouldn’t be such a bad thing either. (Source: One Green Planet | Jonathon Engels).

Can Light & Sounds Cure Alzheimer’s Disease? | Alzheimer’s causing plaques have been removed from mice brains using light and sound. Is this possible? Experimental mice studies suggests this very promising potential. (Source: World Health Net | N.A.).

For A Healthy Brain, Turn Off the Screen at Bedtime | In “Bedtime for Bonzo,” when college professor Peter Boyd (Ronald Reagan) attempts to demonstrate that he can teach a chimpanzee (Bonzo) right from wrong, the chimp seems to enjoy the instruction. (Source: Union Leader | Mehmet Oz, M.D. and Mike Roizen, M.D).

This Breathing Exercise Promises Heart, Brain Health Benefits | A breathing technique called Inspiratory Muscle Strength Training has been found effective to help improve and maintain good heart and brain health. (Source: Medical Daily | Darwin Malicdem).

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