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Daily Dose of Exercise May Reduce Dementia Risk

While we know that regular aerobic activity is an essential part of a total brain health plan, the evidence so far about how often we need to exercise to reap these benefits has been limited. Researchers at Rush University Medical Center recently reported that folks who demonstrated a higher level of total daily physical activity had an associated reduced risk for Alzheimer’s disease over a four year follow up period. Their findings, published this past April in Neurology, suggest that getting a daily dose of exercise may be just what the doctor ordered to reduce our dementia risk.

Get Your Ohm On for Better Brain Health

Practicing meditation is not only good for your spirit – growing evidence suggests such activities are good for your brain as well. A number of recent studies support the benefits of regular meditation for improved focus, creativity, and intellectual performance.  The good news is it’s never too late to get your ohm on – researchers at the University of Pennsylvania found that folks with memory complaints with no meditation experience showed significant improvement in verbal fluency and cerebral blood flow after participating in an 8 week simple meditation program.


Statins on the Brain are OK

A recent literature review suggests that cognitive impairment associated with statin use is relatively rare. The study, reported this April in the Annals of Pharmacotherapy, should help ease concern over use of statins for individuals who worried about their impact on memory and can benefit from their use in lowering cholesterol and potential stroke risk.