30 Days to Faster Thinking: Day 23 – Sign Me Up

Welcome to Day 23 of our 30 Days To Faster Thinking, a free guide to help you unlock your potential to more nimble thinking and to strengthen your focus and attention for a better memory — in just a few minutes each day.  

Sign Me Up:

Do you know which form of communication taps multiple aspects of intellectual function, including speed of processing? Sign language is a great way to challenge our coordination, language and executive function of the brain.

Try This Now: 

Download or use a book to learn the sign language alphabet using American Sign Language (ASL). See how fast you can sign your first and last name, your address, or other routine information from your day.

Boost It:

Like this workout? Take it up a notch by learning phrases such as “I love you” or “thank you!” in ASL. Also gather a group of friends and commit to learning ASL by studying once a week together.