30 Days to Faster Thinking: Day 29 – See Faster!

Welcome to Day 29 of our 30 Days To Faster Thinking, a free guide to help you unlock your potential to more nimble thinking and to strengthen your focus and attention for a better memory — in just a few minutes each day.  

See Faster: 

While processing speed may conjure up a connection to verbal skills, our visual speed is critical to daily functioning and staying sharp. Working out our visual processing speed, whether with a computer-based training game or with a stopwatch and visual challenge, is a great thing to do to better maintain that skill as we age.

Try This Now: 

Find a picture that is rich in detail in a magazine or book. Give yourself exactly 2 minutes to study the picture. Then, cover up the picture and on a separate piece of paper, list as many objects as you can remember in 2 minutes.

Boost It:

Try this same exercise when at an art museum, a local library, or any place that’s new to you. Don’t forget to time yourself!