30 Days to Brain Play: Day 28 | Brain Words

Welcome to Day 28 of our 30 Days To Brain Play, a daily brain boosting workout targeting attention, quick thinking, nimbleness, memory and problem solving. Each daily challenge is especially chosen by us to give you a fun, fast way to begin the new year on the track to better cognitive fitness.

Brain Words

Building thinking skills means trying new activities and experiences. You can game your brain today with this brain new performance challenge. 

TRY THIS! Using just the letters in this grid come up with 3 words using each of these letters only once. The first word will have 5 letters, the second word will have 6 letters and the last will have 5 letters.



Have fun and feel good knowing you are helping your brain stay strong! Missed a day? Just joining us? Click HERE to catch up. It’s never too late to train your brain!

Answers: Eagle, Pencil, Think