30 Days to Brain Play: Day 25 | Brain Strong

Welcome to Day 25 of our 30 Days To Brain Play, a daily brain boosting workout targeting attention, quick thinking, nimbleness, memory and problem solving. Each daily challenge is especially chosen by us to give you a fun, fast way to begin the new year on the track to better cognitive fitness.

Brain Strong

Do you believe in your brain? Research shows that having confidence in our memory ability better supports healthy brain function and may even lower dementia risk, as it is more likely we will do the many things that boost brain health if we believe it can make a difference.  

TRY THIS! Take a minute to write down the ways in which you appreciate your brainpower, no matter how simple or complex. You’ve done some truly amazing work this past month. Give yourself a round of applause!


Have fun and feel good knowing you are helping your brain stay strong! Missed a day? Just joining us? Click HERE to catch up. It’s never too late to train your brain!