April brings the early days of spring, and with it a renewed awakening of our senses. The outdoors beckon, with the glow of a warming sun, budding foliage, the bright color of spring flowers, and the call and echo of the birds. What a potential feast for our minds!

Spring is a wonderful time to challenge our clients (and ourselves) to renew along with the world around us and try something stimulating that will waken their thinking selves from the slumber of winter.  Here are some simple, easy activities you can use to get your clients into that “spring” state of mind:

–       Poetry Jam. April is National Poetry Month.  Why not celebrate by holding a Poetry Jam? Set up an evening and invite clients to bring a poem to share. You can even encourage them to pen their own. Try simpler forms of verse, such as a limerick or haiku. Check out the Academy of American Poets for great resources on poetry, including their “Poem a Day” program, where you can sign up to receive a poem in your inbox each day.

–       Art in the Park. Take some time to draw the flowers. Is there a garden at your location, or a park nearby? Set up an informal art class outdoors, and let your clients take some time to draw the budding spring flowers.  Provide colored pastels (or even crayons) as well as some large drawing pads or paper. Can’t get outdoors? Bring a bouquet of spring flowers indoors instead.

–       Spring Cleaning. Spring brings an urge to throw open the windows, clean out the closets and start afresh. Help clients with small spring cleaning projects, be it reorganizing clothing for the warmer weather, a much needed cleaning out of the cupboards, or even a public project where all can take part, such as reorganizing a library or activities area.

Have any ideas for mind-springing activities? Feel free to share, we’d love to hear from you!

Happy memories!

Dr. Green and the Total Brain Health staff