All of us have friends from the past with whom we have lost touch over the years. Today’s tip offers you the chance to reconnect with one of those long lost buddies.

Why rekindle that friendship? Research has shown that folks who report higher levels of social engagement have an associated reduced risk for memory loss and dementia. As I’ve mentioned here earlier, being with others gives us a great “skills” workout, as you really can’t be social without staying focused, thinking quickly and keeping your mind nimble. Staying social also exposes us to different experiences or ways of thinking, which is great for our intellectual engagement. Finally, our brain benefits from the “intangible” side of staying social, as social engagement can lower our risk for emotional distress.

In our busy day-to-day lives, it is altogether too easy to lose track of friends whose company we really enjoy. So spend some time today finding that long lost pal. Use the internet (Facebook and Google are great tools for this), dig out an old phone book or alumni directory. Call or write, reconnect, and make a plan to stay in touch.

Happy friendship!

Dr. Green